Introducing GPS Abandonment, Powered by MOVology

Introducing GPS Abandonment

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GPS abandonment

Unlike anything you've ever experienced

Innovative patented marketing technology for GPS businesses, software, and platforms.

Introducing GPS Abandonment, the innovative SaaS solution designed to help businesses capture lost customers who search for their products or services with geolocation technology geotargeting.

We understand how frustrating it can be for businesses to lose potential customers who have already shown interest in their offerings. That’s why we’ve developed GPS Abandonment, a tool that allows you to re-engage with these customers and provide them with a second chance to convert.Using our powerful technology, GPS Abandonment can detect geo marketing when a customer has searched for your business but ultimately decided to go with a competitor. We then provide you with the opportunity to remarket to these customers through targeted messaging, incentives, and personalized offers geomarketing.

With GPS Abandonment, you can turn lost customers into loyal ones by offering them the right incentives at the right time. Our platform is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, giving you a hassle-free solution to recapture missed opportunities.

Don’t let potential customers slip through your fingers. Sign up for GPS Abandonment today and start remarketing to those who got away.

Seize your second chance with GPS Abandonment remarketing software

There are many reasons why users never complete that form or are reluctant to sign up for your service. Abandoned GPS marketing channels are full of untapped potential. With GPS abandonment, you don’t have to leave lost leads to your competition; instead, re-engage them with automated remarketing based on their GPS search.  

Revive leads with GPS Abandonment and re-engage with those who have wandered off. Our tool is fortified by the power of predictive analytics to pin down the intricate patterns of abandonment and the potential of real-time data capture for geo-retargeting that works. 

Don’t let abandonment sink your business. Analyze and act upon it to personalize engagements and dish up offers that will guide users back!

Data capture solution that rewrites the script of missed opportunities

GPS Abandonment is your data-backed solution that tracks GPS lead opportunities and provides a solution for businesses to remarket to them in real time based on their searches. Here’s how our tool can turn missed opportunities into your second chance for conversion:

  • Real-time tracking. GPS Abandonment allows you to know exactly when users veer off course. It’s like having a map that highlights the twists and turns of your customer’s journey.
  • Predictive analytics. Predicting abandonment before it happens is like having a weather forecast for your GPS marketing campaigns. GPS Abandonment’s predictive features empower you to make proactive decisions when necessary.
  • Engagement that feels special. Think of our tool as a personalized tour guide. It makes it easy to tailor messages to each user’s journey so abandoned leads are reassured that your business has adapted to them personally.

These features make GPS Abandonment a boon for businesses implementing real-time digital marketing and geolocation technologies. Show abandoned leads what you’ve done since they left through targeted messages and personalized incentives that gently give that extra nudge!

Fill the gap in your business

GPS Abandonment is available in several versions, each optimized for a specific feature set and marketing channel. It can make your retargeting truly impactful if you use:

  • GPS-based listing services. Our tool can be adapted to track and analyze desktop searches that never pay off.
  • GPS map forms. Guide a lost customer back to your door even if they have said no to your map form the first time they encountered it.
  • Automotive GPS systems. GPS marketing solutions and vehicle systems can be coupled together for a dramatic turn of the tide in your customer journey.
  • Mobile apps. All hope is not lost even when they leave your app. GPS Abandonment is your way to reconnect with users at the smartphone level.

Real-Time Remarketing

Capture the thousands of users abandoning your GPS marketing channels everyday to trigger real-time advertising and marketing.

Advertising Re-imagined

Changing the way real-time advertising reaches audiences.

Innovation for GPS Technologies

Integrate hyper-targeted advertising into your GPS based platform

Get started with a helping hand

Your business ecosystem is unique. Fortunately, GPS Abandonment doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your processes, collaboration methods, and retargeting software. It’s designed to be integrated into your existing systems and marketing programs.

You are not alone at the integration stage. Our team will be there to bring GPS Abandonment to your digital marketing, guide you through feature orchestration, and decipher the captured data that can bolster your retargeting strategies.